Warehouse & Office Security Services

Female Security Guard in SupermarketSentinel Services knows the many challenges that come with providing top-notch security for retail settings and one of those challenges is maintaining an image of safety while still exuding a welcoming air not just to customers but to store employees as well. Our warehouse security and office security do not just provide safety but they are also quite excellent in customer and public relations.

One of our priorities when it comes to our office security and warehouse security is to ensure that they are highly visible. Highly visible security means would-be criminals are more cautious with their actions and are more likely to be deterred from committing actual crime. However, our office security and warehouse security are not just there to look good—they serve a purpose and that is to be accessible and to be effective in a number of situations.

The officers we assign to our clients are all highly trained and know how to respond to a variety of situations that might crop up in the office or warehouse where they are assigned. Below are some of the functions our guards are equipped to deal with:

  •           Assisting customers
  •           Prevention of any criminal activity in and around the premises
  •          Observing and reporting all potential safety hazards
  •          Observing and reporting any equipment malfunctions and defects
  •           Reporting incidents in their assigned areas
  •           Performance of safety inspections in the workplace

We also ensure that all our guards undergo continuous training in all aspects of the job since we believe that continuous learning and training are the keys to maintaining our edge and affect the success of our retail security operations.Security guard investigates with torch

Here at Sentinel Services, we have taken it upon ourselves to author comprehensive modular training programs that are geared towards the retail environment for maximum effectiveness and success. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our retail security personnel get continual training.