Shoplifting and Stealing

Thief Stealing Wallet From Woman's PurseHere at Sentinel Services, we work to maintain transparency and honesty in everything we do but we understand that not everyone might work in the same way as we do. Shoplifting and stealing counts for up to 40% of annual sales losses in shops and businesses and this is what we aim to put a stop to.

Stopping Shoplifters
Shoplifters come in all shapes and sizes. They also come from all tiers of society but generally belong into two groups – amateurs and professionals. If shoplifting is a problem in your business, then we offer you security to prevent shoplifting.

         Guards that are Keen on Details

All our security personnel have been trained to spot signs of potential shoplifters whether amateur or professional. They will try their best to prevent any such crimes from being committed on their watch and know the right protocol to follow in the event they do catch people guilty of shoplifting. But our security to prevent shoplifting doesn’t stop when the guard steps away from his watch because our security personnel will personally conduct training sessions with your store staff so they know how to spot potential shoplifters and also so they know what steps to follow in case they spot a crime in progress in the store.

·         Reviewing Layouts

Germany, Cologne, Mature man shoplifting in supermarketOur guards are not only well versed in spotting potential shoplifters but by way of our training sessions, they also know how to case a store layout so they identify blind spots that might make it difficult for them and the staff to catch potential crooks from stealing merchandise. Not only that but they will also educate the staff on their rights as well as the rights of the customers so that everything is clear and the store runs smoothly which means higher chances of success for everyone involved.

The willingness of our security personnel to go above and beyond the call of duty is a testament to our dedication to our clients and our jobs.