Shopping Centre and Mall Security

A thief carrying a laptop and a dvd playerShopping centres and malls need to attract as many people as they can so they can make money. However, all those people, merchandise, and cars are the perfect places for criminals to make their move on their unsuspecting victims. In fact, shopping centres and malls have become hotbeds for crimes that involve the following:

      -    Shoplifting

       -   Pickpockets

       -   Vehicular theft

       -   Purse snatching

These are just some of the things criminals engage in and some of the things they do are so much worse. But this is where Sentinel Services and our security for retail stores and security for shopping centres come in handy. We have expert security personnel who know the ins and outs of the shopping centre and retail stores environment to ensure that no crimes happen on and off their watch.


Shopping Centre Security and Retail Stores Security Guards and Services

Shopping centres and retail stores might have CCTV cameras and mirrors installed but they cannot prevent crimes from actually happening if no one is there to enforce the law or at least act as an authority for criminals to be afraid of. Our security guards are well-versed in all sorts of criminal behaviour that take place in such venues and they are also well-aware of what needs to be done in case such crimes happen. 


Visible Security

Our security personnel will not only spot criminals and prevent crimes before they happen but they Receptionist Being Held Upwill also ensure that the rest of the staff know what to watch out for and what to do. Often times, just the sight of a uniformed guard armed with radio communications devices are enough to stop criminals in their tracks before they can do any damage. This is the advantage of hiring security from Sentinel Services. Our security personnel undergo extensive and continuous training to ensure peak performance at all times.