Construction Site Security

Mid adult man looking at construction siteConstruction sites are often bustling with activity during the day time hours but are left unattended and abandoned at night. This makes them excellent places for acts of vandalism, crime, and vagrancy which are all very dangerous and potentially damaging to such sites as well as to the people who commit the crime.

Oftentimes, Sentinel Services get calls from clients with construction sites that have been defaced and construction equipment that have been tampered with by vandals and vagrants. These people ask for security for construction site materials and equipment. They also want security for construction site employees in the sense that they want people to regulate who goes to the site.

Security Personnel for Construction Sites

Sentinel Services is proud to say that we offer the very best and most comprehensive construction site security. Not only do we provide you with security personnel that are intimately familiar with construction site processes—they are also well-versed in construction site safety so they work to increase the safety and security in your site two-fold. Our security personnel undergo rigorous training to keep them sharp both mentally and physically so they are able to hold up to the demands of keeping a construction site safe and secure.

Portrait of a police officer and a construction workerOur security services for construction sites touch on the following aspects:

·         Site security – We will make sure that all the necessary barriers and locks are in place to help keep unwanted elements out and the equipment safe and secure during the night.

·   Regulation of entry - Our security personnel will ensure that only people who are supposed to be in the site actually gain access. They can also be hired to watch over the site at night.

Safety – Our security personnel are trained in first aid and will be able to help out in instances where first aid treatment is necessary for people who work in the site.