Security Solutions


 Police OfficerHere at Sentinel Services, we try our best to provide the best and most cost effective and efficient security services. To achieve our goals, we make sure that we take in all the factors and know all the details about the jobs that are assigned to us. As part of our services, we make sure that officer presentation is personalized which means we adapt to our clients’ needs even when it comes right down to the uniform they wear. Our officers can report to duty dressed in the company appointed uniform, corporate wear, or attire specified by the client under guidance from the company. All our guards and staff are assigned according to the environment and industry where they are to provide security services.

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Retail Security Officers

We can provide you with a high-profile and uniformed security guard armed with radio communication gadgets in your business or place of work. Not only will this deter would-be criminals but also provide comfort and safety for employees since the guard can be called upon to assist in a variety of situations especially ones where violence is imminent.

Mobile Services
Our mobile security services are designed to meet all your needs such as:

  •            Mobile patrol units
  •           Unlock and lock services (optional escort service)
  •           Emergency response to a site with or without available key.

Mobile Patrols – Visible Deterrents

Sentinel Services offer mobile patrol units comprised of trained security officers to check sites on specified schedules to provide visible and effective protection and security presence. The frequency of visits may be adjusted on an as-needed basis. Visits may be internal and/or external. In the event of break-ins, officers are trained to follow protocol.

Bodyguard Holding Back Excited FansStatic Guard

We provide guards to main entry points and parking lots in different business settings. We have a large contingent of IT-trained security guards to operate your building’s security systems effectively and efficiently.

Crowd Control

Our guards are trained in crowd control to maintain order, protect property, and ensure safety when needed. Our guards come uniformed or attired in more sedate black suits to suit the venue or occasion.