Security personnel in control roomSentinel Services is always on the lookout to hire the best security experts who want to join a security firm. We welcome all security professionals who have years of experience to back them are willing to provide only the best security services and the best customer experience to clients. We believe that the security personnel we hire are not just employees but assets and this is why we ensure that all members of our team undergo constant training and re-training.

The Hiring Process

We are eager to hire the best of the best security personnel out there that want a challenging and rewarding career and join a security firm that works to be the best. Upon receiving resumes, we will peruse all the content to ensure that you meet our standards. Any special skills such as fire fighting, first aid, and covert surveillance, etc. will be noted for special security assignments that will require such skills. Also, the stated special skills will be examined closely to ensure that they are at par with Sentinel Security’s measure of excellence. Security Guard Using Walkie-talkie at Art Gallery

 If you wish to become part of the Sentinel Security team, all you need to do is send us an updated resume with a cover letter stating your intentions and why you are the very best for the job. Should we find you a fit with our company, we will let you know via email or phone call so we can schedule an interview. 

Upon Hiring

We would like to remind all successful hires that once you become part of the team, you are expected to adhere to all the rules, regulations, and practices as outlined by the company. We treat all our personnel with only the utmost respect and recognition and we expect peak performance at all times. This means security personnel will need to come in for any and all training sessions as well as report to the company when needed and as expected.