Frequently Asked Questions

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Here at Sentinel Services, we always make sure our clients know what they are getting when they do business with us. We try to be transparent and professional in everything we do.

  • Are the security guards reliable?
    We assure you that all our guards are reliable. We took a survey and found out that tardiness was a problem with other security agencies and after this we have implemented the following:
    0-20 minutes late – half price for entire shift.
       20-60 minutes late – entire shift is free of charge
    We put in place incentive schemes to further motivate our employees.


  • How are your guards attired?
    We know that it is important to keep a neat and tidy appearance when on the job. Should any of our guards report to work looking untidy and unkempt, they are sent home and another guard will be tasked to take over the shift.


  • What happens if I do not like the security guards for hire assigned to me?
    If you do not like the guard we send, just let us know and we will send in a replacement—no charge and no questions asked. We will also make sure the guard is never assigned to you or to your business in future times.

 ·         Do you make reports on security guards for hire? What kinds of reports?

 Yes, we do make reports and we have different formats for standard and special events.

 -       Shift reports are signed by clients after every shift to check for satisfaction ratings.

 -       Patrol reports are issued to clients to check for security presence at designated times and places.

 -       All incidents are assigned incident reports.The CIA Headquarters in Langley

 -       Prior to the commencement of an assignment, we complete risk assessment reports. However, we also we make sure we carry out biannual reviews on our security measures and threat assessment to make sure they are still up to par.