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Sentinel Services Company Profile

Police Officer Using Walkie-TalkieSentinel services would like to welcome and thank you for checking out our page.  We are a protective services company based in Victoria made up of  people who have a passion for protective services and many years of experience, providing security for different industries and individuals.

As top security providers, we know that the only way to stay at the top is to constantly evolve and develop. Here at Sentinel Services, we like to say that the learning never stops, even if our team has years and years of previous experience as security providers. Our management and operation personnel are made to undergo numerous trainings and seminars to give them that keen professional edge but we also make sure our services have a personal touch suited to the needs of our clients.

 Our Mission

·         At Sentinel Services, we work tirelessly to ensure that our team is always in tiptop shape, armed with the necessary tools to make sure they do a job well done. When it comes to our security services mission, we know our real assets lie in our team of security experts so we take great pains to develop and hone their skills so they can deliver the very best results and protection.

Our Values

·      Here at Sentinel Services, we always take the time to sit down and find out all the details of the job that we are Serious policeman standing with arms crossedgoing to tackle. We like to get our facts straight so we can come up with the most efficient and comprehensive security services for each and every client we serve. We welcome all opinions and input from our clients so that we can serve you best.

We are a company that owns up to our actions and our responsibilities. When we commit to a project, we see it through until the very end.