Sentinel Protective services

Security guard in control room Sentinel Services is a private security firm, we have many different goals and priorities but one we hold near and dear to us will always be the security and satisfaction of our clients. We offer full service security measures and solutions to fit many different needs and scenarios. When we say we take care of you, we mean it and we will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we fulfil our tasks and offer you the best security service experience in Victoria.

Top Class Security

Security Guards Standing by LimousineAt Sentinel Services, we place a premium on your safety and security and this means we choose only the very best security personnel in the field to join our private security firm. These security professionals are well-versed in many different security scenarios and have years of experience to back them up and hone their skills.

Our security services are perfect for

  • ·         Warehouse security
  • ·         Retail security
  • ·         Construction site security

We also offer other types of security, so for any concerns and needs, we encourage you to give us a call so we can discuss your concerns and come up with the perfect security plan.

Customer Service like No Other

Security guard with headset posing with arms crossedSentinel services is all about top security services but that is not all we do. As part of our thrust to become the best security company in Victoria, we endeavour to bring you not only top-notch security services but also unparalleled customer service.

We make it a point to really talk to the clients and find out what they need so we can surpass their expectations and anticipate needs they might now have considered. No other security company in Victoria offers this same level of service but at Sentinel Services, this is just part of our daily work.

Your Security, Our Priority

We are at your service each and every day of the week. Let us know your security concerns and needs so we can devise a plan to meet and exceed your expectations.